Jessica Frank

Owner + Stylist

(She / Her)

Jessica is a craft hairdresser and artist that creates looks to celebrate her clients’ individuality. She encourages clients to embrace their natural texture with low-maintenance looks.

As a haircutter, she is passionate about shags, mullets, and bobs, while adding a modern feel to many of the shapes seen from the 1960s-1990s. She loves cuts that MOVE, with maximum layering and texture . She enjoys hand-styling, and teaching clients to break away from the overuse of heat styling. She specializes in framing faces, straight-razor cutting, and carving haircuts that last and evolve over time .

As a colorist for over decade now, she enjoys blonding, balayage, and lived-in color looks that feel effortless. She also gets excited about a fun color block project, or funky fashion color to go with your shag!

She loves building community in the hair world by traveling and attending classes. She believes that education is a priority to remain current and inspired.

Originally from San Diego, Jessica is a lover of music and vintage fashion. Outside of the salon, she is often thrifting and antiquing. She is a concert-goer, avid vinyl collector, and loves a good dance party. She opened Stardust Salon in September 2023 to inspire her 3 beautiful children that if you truly love what you do, you will be successful. She cares about community, inclusivity, and love.

Jessica charges $115/hr