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Lynette Charters

Visual Artist, Painter, Poet

(She / Her)

Lynette Charters is a conceptual artist and author of The Missing Women Series book, presenting a new perspective of society and history from the female identifying point of view. She was born and grew up in The Yorkshire Dales in The North of England. She holds a BFA (hons) from Cardiff College, Wales and an MFA from Chelsea College of Art, London. She studied under British painter Graham Crowley, printmaker Amanda Faulkner, and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy working on two of his larger outdoor sculptures. She has also travelled internationally working in the animation industry. Charters has exhibited in many parts of America, most recently in Gallery 839 in Burbank LA, Fogue in Seattle, Old Courthouse Arts Center in Chicago, and Marin County Society of Artists in the Bay Area, The Hammond Museum, NY, also exhibitions in the UK. Her solo shows involve a museum installation with tongue-in-cheek docent performances. She has featured in articles in Oly Arts, Artist Close Up, Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, The Olympian, Saundra Fleming’s blog, and was on the cover of Kirkland Lifestyle magazine. She currently works in Olympia, Washington.

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