About Stardust

Authentically Artistic

We’re not here for cookie-cutter cuts, unless you want one, then we’re totally down. We craft hairstyles that scream, whisper, and everything in between, all reflecting your unique story. Each artist is excited to be the medium through which you make your hair dreams come true. We’re your allies in expressing your individuality, one mane at a time.


We opened Stardust downtown because we are proud to be a part of this community and wanted to be at the heart of it. Downtown Olympia is colorful, vibrant and a haven for all walks of life. We welcome anyone who digs good vibes and dope hair. Come hang, get cut, grab a snack and become a part of our exclusive, inclusive club. We are building bridges, not just hairstyles. We foster a community where self-expression meets inclusivity, and everyone’s welcome to slay the hair game. We are proud members of both The Dresscode Project and Strands for Trans. We are happy to be a participating business in Olympia’s Semi-annual Arts Walk celebration. We also showcase local artists year round on our gallery wall and host pop-up events for other creatives.

Sustainability + Ethics

Good hair shouldn’t cost the Earth. We source eco-friendly products, don’t use aerosols, and champion sustainable practices, from scalp to street. Our color is ammonia-free and PPD-free. We believe in fair trade, ethical sourcing, and supporting smaller brands. Your good hair days ripple further than you think. Join us in creating a world where style meets substance, strand by strand.

Meet the team