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Cult + King

From Cult+King: MAYBE A HAIR PRODUCT COMPANY CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT WE CAN DAMN WELL TRY. All of our decisions are based around three things; defending the planet, supporting independent salons and barbershops, and making people look rad without poisoning them in the process. It’s time to revolt against subservient style and environmentally and physiologically damaging cosmetic chemicals. Those of us who spend every day up to our elbows in it should know. It’s time to fight back. It’s time for a revolt in hair care. It’s time for Cult+King. Look good. Be good. Join the Cult. One of our favorite brands for healthy hair and the best products. You can buy directly from their website while still supporting us or your stylist. Just click the link and make sure it shows referred by Stardust Salon or your stylist's name at checkout.

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A smell-scape like no other! Reverie is a carefully crafted haircare line made in California with only the finest ingredients. All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, have zero harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes. They are made without sulphates, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrance, artificial coloring or animal derivatives. Only the highest quality ingredients for the best quality products. Shop our link to experience it for yourself!

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Click the link to receive a discount off your first order from Hairstory's new wash, the best detergent-free cream cleanser. We love all their products, especially Balm and Powder.

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Innersense Organic Beauty

Innersense Organics is our top pick for our curly clients. This line has everything you need to enhance your natural texture. They have a wide range of shampoos and conditioners to chose from as well as styling products for every hair type. They are a family run company that supports small businesses. Click our link to explore what they have to offer.

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