Emily Trujillo

Owner + Stylist

(She / Her)

Emily is a hairstylist who is passionate about curating personalized looks for her clients. She loves to help each person bring their inner beauty out for the world to see.

She specializes in long lasting color and low maintenance haircuts. She feels that the salon experience should be a opportunity to hone in self-expression rather than an obligation to outdated beauty standards. This is why she encourages gray blending, hand styling and lived-in color. Whether you are a salon regular or a person who hasn’t had a haircut in a decade, all are welcome in Emily’s chair.

Education and community are at the forefront of Emily’s ethos. She believes that lifting up her fellow hairstylists, supporting other local businesses and creating an inclusive salon environment will help make this world a more livable place.

When not behind the chair, Emily can be found in her garden, in the woods or dancing in her kitchen. She is originally from the Bay Area, so she has a love of music, art and good food. Stardust was born from a dream to have a creative space in Olympia where everyone can feel welcome, achieve dope hair and eat some snacks.

Emily charges $115/hr